New Test Can Distinguish Lyme Disease From STARI

News   Aug 18, 2017 | Original story from Colorado State University

New Test Can Distinguish Lyme Disease From STARI


Synthetic DNA Shuffling Enzyme Outpaces Natural Counterpart


A new synthetic enzyme, crafted from DNA rather than protein, flips lipid molecules within the cell membrane, triggering a signal pathway that could be harnessed to induce cell death in cancer cells. Researchers say their lipid-scrambling DNA enzyme is the first in its class to outperform naturally occurring enzymes – and does so by three orders of magnitude


Simple Sugar Prevents Neurodegeneration in Lysosomal Storage Disease


New therapeutic approach may one day delay neurodegeneration typical of a disease called mucopolysaccharidoses IIIB (MPS IIIB)


Eating Activates Calorie-Burning Fat


The importance of the human brown adipose tissue (BAT) has become clearer during the past ten years. Coldness is one of the most effective activators of the BAT metabolic function but, in rodents, eating has also been shown to activate BAT. The debate on whether eating has the same effect on humans has lasted for decades. Now, the researchers at Turku PET Centre have proven that having a meal increases oxygen consumption in human BAT to the same extent as coldness.



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