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Alzheimer's Study: Poor Sleep Associated With Higher Levels of Tau Protein

News   Jan 10, 2019 | Original Press Release from Washington University School of Medicine

Poor Sleep Associated With Higher Levels of Alzheimer's Protein

Reduced amounts of slow brain waves – the kind that occur in deep, refreshing sleep – are associated with high levels of the toxic brain protein tau. This computer-generated image maps the areas where the link is strongest, in shades of red and orange. A new study from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis has found that decreased deep sleep is associated with early signs of Alzheimer’s disease. Credit: Brendan Lucey



How Do Psychopaths Control "Dark Impulses"?


People with psychopathic traits are predisposed toward antisocial behavior that can result in “unsuccessful” outcomes such as incarceration. Researchers have shown “successful” psychopathic individuals, who control these tendencies, have more developed neural structures that control self-regulation.


Bolivian Rainforest People Perceive Musical Pitch Differently


“Do-Re-Mi” may be fundamental to western music, but not to the human brain, suggests a fascinating new study that has assessed the ability of an isolated community of people living in the Bolivian rainforest to recognize musical notes arranged in the western octave structure.


Brain Computer Interfaces Without the Mess


It sounds like science fiction: controlling electronic devices with brain waves. But researchers have developed a new type of electroencephalogram (EEG) electrode that can do just that, without the sticky gel required for conventional electrodes. Even better, the devices work through a full head of hair.



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