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The UK’s First Personalised Breast Care Programme Launched

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Opaldia has launched the programme incorporating genetic testing, screening and information services to help patients make informed decisions on breast cancer concerns.

The United Kingdom’s first truly personalised Breast Care programme incorporating genetic testing and screening has been launched by private genetic health service provider, Opaldia.

According to Opaldia, its personalised programme will offer latest recognised best practice cancer screening services, supported by genetic testing and breast cancer information and education services to help patients make informed decisions on their breast cancer concerns, throughout their life.

At the heart of the service is the OncoVue® test, developed in the United States by Intergentics Incorporated of Oklahoma – a breast cancer risk test relevant to all women, regardless of family history of breast cancer. The test identifies a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer at various stages in her life. This test then helps Opaldia’s specialist team to plan with her the most appropriate personalised breast screening programme.

Elaine Warburton, Opaldia’s Chief Executive said: “Many of our patients worry about their risk of developing breast cancer. In the UK we have an excellent NHS breast screening programme which starts at 50.”

“Women at low or medium risk of developing cancer or who are anxious about developing breast cancer now have an opportunity to access our unique Breast Care services. The OncoVue® test which is the outcome of more than seven years of research is a perfect fit for Opaldia.”

Opaldia’s Medical Director, Dr. James Mackay, added: “Under our programme, we can support a patient for as long as they wish. Our hope is that they will see Opaldia as a partner for life, providing them with the very latest validated advances in genetic testing, breast screening and health management services.

“Our staff are also at the end of a telephone or on email where they will be happy to provide additional support and reassurance.”