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Translational Medicine Research Collaboration Announces First Round of Research Project with Wyeth

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The Translational Medicine Research Collaboration (TMRC) has announced the first round of research projects to be funded through the new $96M initiative.

Almost $15M of funding has been released to support 28 new research projects covering a wide range of therapeutic areas including cardiovascular and metabolic disease, the central nervous system, oncology, inflammation, and women’s health.

The projects will occur in Scotland with over 40 new jobs having already been created in the universities, and another 50 new jobs projected for the core laboratory, which will be located in Dundee, Scotland.

The collaboration comprises four Scotland universities (Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow), Wyeth Pharmaceutical Co, Scottish Enterprise and NHS Scotland Grampian, Greater Glasgow, Lothian and Tayside, and can provide impetus for Scotland to lead the world in the development of personalised medicine, bringing new treatments to patients suffering from a range of serious illnesses.

Professor Andrew Morris, chair of the TMRC Steering Group, said: "This first large injection of medical research funding into Centers of Excellence across Scotland is an important milestone for TMRC. The spirit of collaboration between the partners has been fantastic, and we have already set our sights on supporting more researchers in innovative ways in the months ahead."

Frank Walsh, Executive Vice President of Wyeth Discovery, said: "We are very excited about the quality of the science that will be conducted as a result of the first round of TMRC projects. Through this first round alone over 160 scientists across Scotland will be conducting research as part of this collaboration, the results of which could help drive the development of novel drugs for devastating diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer."

Further projects to be funded through TMRC are already in the pipeline and applications for a second round of funding are being invited from the scientific community in Scotland.