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V-Deck: Ultra-Stable Electrophysiology and Imaging Platform

V-Deck: Ultra-Stable Electrophysiology and Imaging Platform content piece image
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Prior Scientific announces V-Deck - an ultra-stable platform for neuroscience and electrophysiology that offers you the ability to quickly and precisely adjust sample height.

The new V-Deck sets a new benchmark for operational stability. Versatility to optimally image from thin sections right through to whole animal samples is ensured through the available of a wide range of height adjustable, lockable platform posts.

The V-Deck offers a large sample area, with a M6 x 25 breadboard, that allows heating, cooling, perfusion and incubation chambers, micromanipulators, stereotaxic instruments and other equipment to be precisely mounted. Consequently setting up microscopic imaging of an electrophysiology or neuroscience experiment to your exact specifications is quickly and routinely achievable.

Dovetail slides on the V-Deck enable the horizontal position of your sample to be simply and rapidly adjusted. The entire V-Deck platform is compatible with almost any commercially available vibration isolation table.

The V-Deck is designed to be used in conjunction with the recently released Prior Scientific Translation stage. The Translation stage allows an entire microscope to be quickly yet precisely moved, allowing your sample to remain immobile - essential for precision electrophysiology and neuroscience experiments where it is vital for the sample to stay completely still and as vibration free as possible.