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Accelerate your neuro-muscular disease drug discovery

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Dysregulated bursting is at the root of many motor neuron/neuromuscular junction disease. ArunA Biomedical, teaming with Axion Biosystemss has generated relevant bursting data from mouse motor neurons cultured on Axion-Bioystem's Maestro MEA.

GFP labeled mouse motor neurons are ideal for use in high-throughput fluorescent screening applications. Derived from transgenic mice expressing eGFP using Hb9 motorneuron promoter enables easy tracking and visualization of spinal motor neurons without the need for additional fluorescent markers and extended cultures.

The Protocol (User's Guide) below will enable you to optimize growth of mouse Hb9 ESC-derived motor neuron cultures on Axion’s MEA plates and dishes. Neurons cultured using this protocol should show spike activity detectable in AxIS software by Day 3 in vitro. The investigation of motor neuron electrophysiology has significance in diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and various palsies. Interactions and death of motor neurons are implicated in these disease states. The ArunA Biomedical/Neuromics mMNGFP+ Mouse Motor Neurons and Axion’s MEAs provide a useful platform for assay development.

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