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Annexin V (PE) /7-AAD Apoptosis Detection Kit

Annexin V (PE) /7-AAD Apoptosis Detection Kit content piece image
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Apoptosis—programmed cell death—is a vital to keeping multicellular organisms functioning.

It is responsible for the separation of the digits in the hands and feet, and abnormality in its function is represents a major causative factor in the development and progression of many diseases, including cancer and some viral infections.

Gaining a better understanding of the factors that can be manipulated to inhibit or induce apoptosis is vital for potential future therapies for these sorts of diseases.

The Annexin V (PE)/7-AAD Apoptosis Detection Kit allows detection of this early sign of apoptosis.

Detection can be via fluorescence microscopy to allow visualisation of the event, or using flow cytometry to get quick and accurate quantification of cells with exposed PS.

Late stage apoptosis can be identified by staining with the fluorescent intercalator 7-AAD, which stains DNA in the nucleus as the plasma membrane becomes permeable and eventually ruptures.

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Annexin V (PE) /7-AAD Apoptosis Detection Kit

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