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ATLAS Neurophysiology System

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ATLAS Neurophysiology System
One Integrated, High Performance Acquisition System for
Human Single Unit Recording for Epilepsy Research & DBS Recording

Pegasus software with amplifier

Neuralynx’s ATLAS Neurophysiology System (ATLAS) allows clinical researchers to manage all electrophysiology signals from both macro and microelectrodes through a network infrastructure designed for distributed process and analysis.

Pegasus software provides extremely stable, long-term recording capabilities for integrated electrophysiology recording, experiment control, digital signal processing and responsive data displays for up to 256 channels.  The Remote Monitoring Station (RMS) software provides networked displays of real-time neural signals acquired by ATLAS and patient video to clinical staff work areas.  RMS also allows staff to remotely control the video camera’s direction and zoom.

The “workhorse” of the ATLAS system, the ATLAS Acquisition Amplifier records 256 channels of multi-scale signals of widely differing impedances delivered through a buffered headbox.  Dual research and clinical recording streams of macro and microwire signals may be acquired with different sampling rates and filter settings. All channels are available for each stream through the Pegasus software.

One Patient Connection - Two Data Streams
Bridging the gap between clinical & research electrophysiology, Neuralynx is now global partners with Nihon Kohden (NK), Japan’s leading manufacturer, developer & worldwide distributor of medical electronic equipment.  Neuralynx’s ATLAS links with NK’s JE-120A high density EEG amplifier, allowing users to simultaneously record up to 256 channels for both clinical EEG and human single neuron research.

ATLAS Neurophysiology System:
The only FDA cleared DC Single Unit Recording system for human use

Neuralynx, Inc.
ATLAS Neurophysiology System

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