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Autoscribe Demonstrates New LIMS Web Application at Lab Innovations

Monitor showing a laboratory process flow from Autoscribe Informatics
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Autoscribe Informatics will be demonstrating their new LIMS Web application at Lab Innovations 2022, the UK’s largest dedicated exhibition for laboratory professionals. Released in Matrix Gemini version 6.5 the new Matrix Gemini Web application is a major upgrade to the Web interface. It can be used in parallel with the original Web application allowing users to compare, test and validate as required.

Configurations created and modified in previous versions, using the built-in Matrix Configuration Tools are now, after approval, immediately available to users in all three (Desktop, Web, and new Web) applications.

All existing LIMS workflows, screens, menus, lists and other configurable options are available in the new Web application in the same way as the existing Desktop and Web applications, therefore no changes are needed to take advantage of the new interface. This is possible because the configuration details are held in a separate database to the three software applications, a unique feature of Matrix Gemini LIMS.

“The flexible and highly-configurable nature of Matrix Gemini LIMS ensures that it fits the needs of any laboratory,” said Tim Daniels, Marketing Manager. “Autoscribe continues to evolve its software solutions by listening to its customers, putting their priorities at the very heart of our on-going developments.”

The new Web application is available now in the latest Matrix release. Current customers are encouraged to load both the Web and new Web applications side-by-side and fully test their LIMS configuration. This will show the improvements the new Web version brings while also confirming that underlying functionality remains the same.

Matrix Gemini LIMS is used by a broad range of businesses from small companies with a single laboratory, to large multi-site, multi-national organizations working in an extensive range of industries. Visit Autoscribe Informatics on stand H22 at Lab Innovations to see how Matrix Gemini LIMS can maximize the value of your data, while saving your organization both time and money.