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Autoscribe Focuses on LIMS Lab Automation Using Webinar Format

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The hot topic of digital integration was explored in a recent webinar by Autoscribe Informatics. Interfacing with laboratory instruments and external corporate systems has become an essential part of connecting laboratories in the modern world. The tight labor market, coupled with the need to reduce costs, has formed a perfect storm, driving laboratories to seek new solutions to improve their efficiency. This webinar examined how a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) helps laboratories to drive integration with external systems and instruments to reduce costs and better manage their data.

Polling of participants during the webinar revealed that one-third of attendees did not currently have a LIMS, while nearly a further 20% were either considering getting one or upgrading their current system. The poll also revealed that 86% of participants had laboratory instruments, and 76% had external systems (SAP, MRP, etc.), which they wanted to connect. This data demonstrates that although many laboratories have a LIMS solution there is still a long way to go for many of them in their automation journey.

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The webinar can be viewed at: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/6793811307047331344

The educational webinar was based on Autoscribe’s long experience of supporting LIMS software in customer laboratories around the world. Created to show what practical solutions are available today to reduce manual touch points and drive efficiency, topics in the webinar include:

  • IoT/Lab4.0 - the increasing need to network
  • Automating instrument interfaces
  • Interfacing LIMS to more complex external systems
  • Handling traditional serial connectivity
  • Benefits of laboratory automation

The webinar will be useful to anyone working in laboratory environments and interested in the latest techniques to drive automation. After this webinar viewers will be armed to take the next steps to connect their LIMS to laboratory instruments and external systems with confidence.