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Autoscribe Informatics Announces 3Q22 LIMS Starter Systems Release

Autoscribe Informatics Announces 3Q22 LIMS Starter Systems Release  content piece image
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Autoscribe Informatics has announced the 3Q22 release of its updated starter systems. As well as ensuring that the starter systems run on the latest Autoscribe Matrix software, improvements have been made to the Chain of Custody (CoC) module, and inventory management and batch manufacturing have been more tightly integrated.

Key Matrix starter systems include:

  • Matrix Express
  • General Laboratory
  • Regulated Pharmaceutical/Manufacturing
  • Biobank
  • Mortuary
  • Radiopharmacy
  • Veterinary
  • Water/Environmental

The CoC module is designed to track items (entities) in terms of both location and responsibility (i.e., ownership). For each sample, its location, the person responsible for it, and the overall custodian, is noted at all times. This enables a complete audit trail of where the sample has been, and under whose control, to be generated at any time. It is especially useful for labs such as those dealing with controlled substances or forensics samples, where location and responsibility must always be known.

Inventory module improvements within the manufacturing system now closely tie the inventory used in each batch with the overall inventory available. This allows organizations to better monitor stock levels.

Other updates with this release include improvements to the Corrective Action/Preventative Action (CAPA), Inventory management, Instrument Calibration and Maintenance (ICMS) and Environmental Monitoring modules in the Biobank starter system, and improved Report Versioning.

Initially released with Matrix Gemini v6.4, the starter systems are upgradeable to work with newer versions of the LIMS software as they become available. The configurations of the starter systems are held separately in the database allowing the underlying version of Matrix to be upgraded without affecting the configuration. This makes upgrades straight forward.

“We regularly update our Matrix LIMS Starter Systems to incorporate the best of the new features, enhancements and modifications,” said Simon Wood, Product Manager. “This, combined with on-going development of our underlying software ensures that current and future customers can benefit from the investment we continue to make in our best of breed LIMS solutions.”