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Autoscribe Raises the Efficiency Bar With the Release of Matrix Gemini LIMS v6.6

Autoscribe software update
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Autoscribe Informatics has announced the release of Matrix Gemini version 6.6. The December 2022 release includes a number of enhancements designed to improve the user experience even further.

The ability to split and freeze columns and rows in a complex grid mirrors the Excel Freeze Panes function. The function allows users to easily navigate large or complex layout grids by maintaining the position of column and/or row headings and/or key fields.

To further improve result entry grids, used to input results to the LIMS, Autoscribe has implemented the use of drop-down lists and the direct entry of textual notes within the grid. Drop down lists allow a value for a result cell to be selected directly from a predefined set of values for that specific result. Again, this provides functionality similar to that available in Excel and which is so familiar to many users.  Finally, where textual notes previously had to be entered into a separate screen, they can now be entered directly into a notes cell in the result entry grid. As well as providing a familiar user interface, these enhancements improve efficiency by reducing the number of clicks required to perform these actions.

The new Matrix Gemini LIMS Web Application introduced in v6.5 now supports multiple screens across multiple tabs. Enabling users to see multiple screens more easily in the workflow allows greater flexibility in the way users can interact with Matrix Gemini and improves productivity. For example, users may show work allocation, instrument management and sample management screens simultaneously to more efficiently allocate resources and available instruments to samples that require testing.

Within Matrix Gemini there is a clear separation of the underlying software and the configuration layer that determines the user interfaces including workflows and screens. Separating the underlying technology layer and the business layer enables users to take advantage of developments in the underlying software, such as those described here, while maintaining their own specific configurations.  On average a new software upgrade is released quarterly. Autoscribe prides itself on having customers who have been using Matrix LIMS since 1990, and who continue to upgrade their systems taking advantage of new features and improved performance capabilities as they become available.

“The release of version 6.6 of Matrix Gemini LIMS provides further productivity enhancements that our customers have been asking for,” said Simon Wood, Product Manager. “Our product roadmap continues to move forward at pace, driving laboratory integration, reducing manual touchpoints, and continuously improving return on investment for our clients. Our philosophy is to use our ability to rapidly evolve the software to meet our clients’ needs to outpace the development of rival solutions. Combined with the ability to upgrade the underlying software without affecting the configured systems, our customers can rapidly incorporate the latest technology and ideas into their Laboratory Informatics solution.”