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Cellectricon and StressMarq Biosciences Collaborate to Advance Neurodegenerative Disease Research

Cellectricon and StressMarq Biosciences Collaborate to Advance Neurodegenerative Disease Research content piece image
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Cellectricon, a collaborative services provider involved in advancing drug discovery and research in the areas of chronic pain and neurodegenerative diseases, has announced a collaboration with StressMarq Biosciences. As a supplier of life science reagents such as primary antibodies, antibody conjugates, proteins, immunoassay kits and small molecules, Stressmarq Biosciences will work with Cellectricon to enable the collaborative development of next-generation reagents and assays for neurodegenerative disease research.

Spreading of neurodegenerative disease associated peptides (NDAPs; e.g. amyloid-beta peptides, tau and alpha-synuclein) within the human brain is one of the earliest pathological processes leading to Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Cellectricon aims to decipher the spreading of neuropathologies in neuronal circuits using a proprietary high capacity microfluidics platform.

“As more details become known about NDAPs and their cell-to-cell transmission, it may be possible to design novel pharmacological interventions that block disease progression. Methods for targeting the pathological pathways involved in protein misfolding or spreading of the disease to neighboring neurons are of great interest” said Sebastian Illes, Director of CNS research at Cellectricon. “A vital factor for enabling in vitro modeling of neuropathological processes is access to well-characterized reagents such as seed competent fibrils and filaments. We are therefore very pleased to announce our collaboration with StressMarq Biosciences as it will enable us to access their high-quality portfolio of reagents for our services” he added.

StressMarq Biosciences has a reagent offering including pre-formed fibrils of tau, alpha-synuclein and other proteins for neurodegenerative disease research. Certain fibrils and filaments can initiate protein aggregation, inducing disease pathology in vitro and in vivo. These proteins can be used to study diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, and amyloidosis.