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Clearing with the X-CLARITY™ leaves Col1a1-GFP intact and vibrant

Clearing with the X-CLARITY™ leaves Col1a1-GFP intact and vibrant content piece image
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Logos Biosystems recently launched the X-CLARITY™ Tissue Clearing System, the world’s first commercial solution for electrophoretic tissue clearing. One of the most exciting features of the X-CLARITY™ is that it clarifies tissue samples rapidly while maintaining the structural integrity of and molecular information within tissues.

The X-CLARITY™ was recently used to clear the spinal cord of a Col1α1-GFP mouse. The GFP signal marking the perivascular fibroblasts remained vibrant post-clearing and anti-GFAP (astrocytes) was able to penetrate all the way to the central canal of the cleared spinal cord (the central canal is the empty circle at the top of the image). Already being utilized at various acclaimed institutions around the world, the X-CLARITY™ is proving to be an invaluable tool across multiple disciplines.

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