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Fast, Easy, Live Animal Connection Method

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Neuralynx’s QuickClip® Connection headstages magnetically align and initiate connection to the EIB. 

  • ♦ Connection is completed with a simple “snap!” 
  • ♦ No exposed pins to bend or break. 
  • ♦ Light weight and low profile, even with an advanced video tracking LED system. 

The result? Less stress on animal and researcher + low profile for more natural animal behavior = experiment “bliss!”

Available in 72, 36 and 16 channel (ideal for experiments with mice), all three models are compatible with Neuralynx’s Digital Lynx/Cheetah acquisition systems, Saturn commutators and wireless Cube-64, as well as with ATLAS Neuroengineering probes.

Neuralynx, Inc.
Visit the QuickClip® Connection webpage to see it in use

Neuralynx, Inc.