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Get closer to the biology with the W-VIEW GEMINI

Get closer to the biology with the W-VIEW GEMINI content piece image
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Have you ever thought, “Optical splitters—great idea but so hard to use!” They hold out the promise of more efficient multi-wavelength imaging, but need careful alignment. The slightest bump of the microscope table or stomp in the neighboring lab can disrupt the setup. The team at Hamamatsu understands how important it is for tools to get out of your way and just work. They’ve taken on the optical splitter problem and crafted the W-VIEW GEMINI. Optically and mechanically stable, chromatically corrected, with simple software-assisted alignment and flexible configurations, the W-VIEW GEMINI lives up to the promise of what an optical splitter should be. And when you don’t need a splitter, just switch to “bypass mode”—it’s as though there’s nothing between your camera and your microscope. Simplifying multi-wavelength experiments like FRET, the W-VIEW GEMINI gets out of your way to bring you closer to the biology. What biological processes will the W-VIEW GEMINI bring closer to you?


  • ♦ Matched to the performance of Gen II sCMOS
  • ♦ Chromatically corrected
  • ♦ User-defined filter combinations
  • ♦ Easily aligned and stable
  • ♦ High transmittance