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Head-mounted solution for wireless EEG monitoring

Head-mounted solution for wireless EEG monitoring content piece image
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The rodentPACK2 transmits data via radiotelemetry, offering a well-tolerated alternative to tethered EEG.

Direct inputs from the device to cortical and deep brain regions provide a high signal-to-noise ratio, facilitating the detection of EEG events.

This head mounted solution has been designed to investigate biopotentials (EEG, ECG, EMG), temperature and acceleration on animals 50g and upwards, such as rats.

With up to 150 hours of continuous wireless recording from freely moving rodents, it is ideal for CNS studies such as sleep fragmentation, seizures, traumatic brain injuries, toxicology, or drug discovery.

Data recorded by the rodentPACK2 are analyzed by emka TECHNOLOGIES’ software, allowing the scientist to: 

  • ♦ automatically detect seizure using flexible algorithms and an intuititive interface
  • ♦ easily differentiate between multiple sleep stages, calculate global sleep scores, and produce FFT power spectrums

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