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iRiS™ Digital Cell Imaging System: Fluorescence imaging with a flourish

iRiS™ Digital Cell Imaging System: Fluorescence imaging with a flourish content piece image
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iRiS™ is a new digital cell imaging system that combines simplicity and excellence in one sleek unit. Small in size but uncompromising in optical quality, iRiS™ brings your data to life with beautiful, high-resolution images.

Compact, space-efficient design The iRiS™ Digital Cell Imaging System maximizes space and eliminates the need for complicated and messy connections to multiple devices such as lamps, lasers, power supplies, cameras, and computers.
Proven quality objectives The finest objective lenses made in Japan deliver excellent images.
Efficient and continuous LED light sources Long-lasting (~50,000 hours of consistent illumination) and reliable LED filter cubes with adjustable intensities produce optimal brightfield, phase contrast, and fluorescence images.
Tricolor fluorescence Changeable LED filter cubes with hard-coated filters are fitted close to the objective turret to be highly sensitive to even faint fluorescence signals.
Scientific-grade CMOS camera An ultra-low-noise scientific-grade CMOS camera maximizes the signal-to-noise ratio to produce high-resolution images.
Time lapse and Z-stack images User-friendly software facilitates time lapse and Z-stack image acquisition.
Image analysis software Onboard analysis software allows the user to capture and analyze images in one sitting.
Built-in computer A dual core CPU supports immediate and rapid analysis. 128 GB of internal storage allows for data and images to be saved directly to the system.
Fast start up, shut down Using LED light sources make warm up and cool down times unnecessary. Simply start and go.

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