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Metrohm Introduces OMNIS NIRS: Expanding Capabilities in Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

The OMNIS NIR Analyzer.
Credit: Metrohm.
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Metrohm is proud to announce the expansion of its OMNIS platform with the addition of near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) capabilities. The new OMNIS NIRS enhances the platform's versatility, enabling comprehensive chemical analysis through a single system. The introduction of OMNIS NIRS brings three specialized configurations to cater to different sample types: OMNIS NIRS Liquid for liquid samples, OMNIS NIRS Solid for solid and viscous materials, and OMNIS NIRS Liquid/Solid for dual sample analysis.

Efficient Analysis with Multi-Parameter Capability

The OMNIS NIR Analyzer streamlines the analysis process, delivering results in seconds for both liquid and solid samples. It features advanced sensor technology for precise temperature control of liquid samples and automated rotation for solid samples, facilitating high reproducibility and efficient batch analysis.

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Simplified Operation for All Users

Designed for accessibility, the OMNIS platform does not require users to have extensive knowledge of chemometrics. The OMNIS Model Developer (OMD) simplifies the creation of prediction models, and the system's recognition of sample holders ensures compliance with standard operating procedures, minimizing the likelihood of user errors.

Integrated Solutions for Enhanced Productivity

The OMNIS platform seamlessly integrates near-infrared spectroscopy and titration, offering a fully automated solution with the OMNIS Sample Robot. This integration allows for customizable setups, meeting the specific needs of users and enhancing overall laboratory efficiency. The addition of the OMNIS NIR Analyzer signifies Metrohm's commitment to continuous innovation and support for comprehensive chemical analysis solutions.