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MUX headstage family

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Digitize analog neural signals on the headstage – while reducing tether cable wire count, weight, size and system cost. Neuralynx’s multiplexing (MUX) headstages are on-head digitizing systems that integrate into the Digital Lynx SX-M: 

  • ♦ 30 kHz sampling rate
  • ♦ 16-bit resolution
  • ♦ Highest channel count per tether:  64
  • ♦ Channel configurations:  16, 32, 64, 96 & 128
  • ♦ Combine analog and MUX headstages in Digital Lynx SX
  • ♦ LEDs for behavioral tracking
  • ♦ Latch option for added retention

Ideal for secondary systems or start up labs, Neuralynx MUX headstages integrate directly into the Digital Lynx SX-M.  The standard Digital Lynx SX (4SX and 16SX) can be upgraded to support the MUX headstages.

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