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The Otawog Compact – The complete surgical center

The Otawog Compact – The complete surgical center content piece image
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The  Otawog Compact occupies less bench space,  making it more convenient when additional devices such as stereotaxic brain surgical rigs are also in use. It is well adapted for mice and juvenile rats.

Otawog has revolutionized rodent surgery for the research laboratory.  

20 unique features make this the Otawog Compact a complete surgical center for the research surgeon: 

  1. 1. A novel and innovative isoflurane anaesthetic delivery system (no large induction box to be cleaned afterwards)
  2. 2. Color-coded nose cones: red for rats, gold for mice and green for guinea pigs
  3. 3. Hygienic containment of faeces/urine/fur during anaesthetic induction and maintenance
  4. 4. The active waste anaesthetic gas scavenging pump discharges into a carbon filter and captures waste gas even when the nose is not fully engaged in the nose-cone
  5. 5. Occupational safety concerns are minimized for the surgeon as the active scavenging removes waste anaesthetic gases
  6. 6. Brain surgery is simplified by the novel stereotaxic surgical nose cones for the Kopf rig
  7. 7. The smaller rotating surgical table is well adapted for mice and rats up to 500g and allows positioning the patient during surgery, at any point of the compass
  8. 8. A customized container for skin disinfectant solutions is standard, to maintain aseptic surgery
  9. 9. Surgical plastic drapes are held in place by a retaining ring which ensures the drape remains in place throughout the surgery
  10. 10. Stainless steel surgical instrument trays surround the surgical table
  11. 11. Two surgical LED lights conveniently positioned to ensure optimal visualization of the operative field
  12. 12. Digital read-out gives the temperature of the table which maintains body temperature during and after surgery, the surgical drape also traps and holds heat
  13. 13. A post-operative oxygen recovery tent created by the plastic drape
  14. 14. Full visualization of the patient throughout surgery through the clear plastic surgical drape
  15. 15. The customized rodent wound retractor acts as a third hand-to hold open the surgical site in any desired position 
  16. 16. A storage compartment for nose cones, controlled drugs, surgical instruments, drapes and miscellaneous equipment
  17. 17. A surgical waste container is provided
  18. 18. Storage space for the wound retractor and waste container within the unit
  19. 19. The surgical suitcase has double locks to provide secure storage for drugs and instruments
  20. 20. Readily moved by carry handles at each end and can be stored under the laboratory bench when not in use  

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