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Seer Launches the Proteograph XT Assay Kit

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Seer Inc. announced the launch of the Proteograph XT Assay Kit, the latest proteomics assay workflow for the Proteograph Product Suite. This new product increases throughput without compromising performance, making it possible for a single user to process hundreds of samples per week, generating deep, unbiased proteomics data at scale. The release of the Proteograph XT Assay Kit comes only a year and a half after the launch of the company’s flagship Proteograph Assay Kit, demonstrating Seer’s commitment to continued innovation that reveals more of the proteome and unlocks meaningful biological insights.

The Proteograph XT Assay Kit opens greater avenues for customers to design large-scale studies that drive biological insights with a unique combination of:

  • Sight: Provides high-resolution insights into the proteome at the peptide level, across a wide range of protein concentrations with accuracy, precision, and reproducibility.
  • Scope: Broadens the possibilities of novel proteomic studies by enabling access to a diverse set of species and sample types.
  • Speed: More than doubles throughput with a rapid, automated workflow to process samples quickly and easily with high confidence and less than half the mass spec time.
  • Scale: Enables large-scale studies powered for discovery, with data management tools that scale with it.

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“Seer’s Proteograph Product Suite provides the only proteomics workflow that enables deep, unbiased proteomic content at scale, at the peptide level. With the Proteograph XT, we are making the proteome even more accessible, not just to the proteomics community, but also to genomics researchers, who are eager to deeply characterize genomic variants with functional proteomic information, deepening their biological insights,” said Seer CEO Omid Farokhzad. “The Proteograph XT workflow is automated, flexible, and enables researchers to perform at-scale studies and find answers to the questions they want to ask.”

With the Proteograph XT Assay Kit on the Proteograph Product Suite, Seer makes the total cost of discovery affordable at a cost approaching a penny per data point, with multiple data points per protein. Adding deep, unbiased, peptide-level proteomics data to research studies can provide unrivaled insight into biology, disease progression, and targets for precision diagnostics and therapeutics.

“Using the Proteograph XT has greatly enhanced our research capabilities as we leverage the high throughput and automated capability to conduct large-scale studies,” said Josh Coon, Ph.D. Professor of Biomolecular Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison. “The XT allows us to achieve excellent and increased proteomic depth with less analysis time. Beyond that, collection of discovery-based MS data allows for the detection of events like point mutations, post-translational modification, and alternative splicing. I believe this capability uniquely positions the combination of Seer and mass spectrometry to uncover actionable information about the plasma proteome that will be critical to many clinical applications including cancer and neurodegeneration, to name a few. My lab is thrilled to be part of this groundbreaking journey!"

Seer’s Proteograph Product Suite with the Proteograph XT Assay Kit enables proteomics studies with an unprecedented combination of sight, scope, speed and scale, allowing an unbiased interrogation of the proteome to allow studies not previously possible. Seer’s proprietary engineered nanoparticles deliver reproducible performance across samples, labs, and experiments, providing peptide-level information that is key to identifying protein variants. The accompanying Proteograph Analysis Suite offers cloud-scalable software for proteomic data analysis, visualization, and generation of biological insights. The Proteograph Product Suite with the Proteograph XT Assay Kit makes it easy to add unbiased, deep, rapid proteomics studies at scale to any lab.