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Shimadzu’s New Next-Generation GCMS Provides Outstanding Sensitivity, Stability and Speed

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Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduces its next-generation gas chromatograph mass spectrometer – the GCMS-QP2050. Powered by advanced automated technology in a compact footprint, the GCMS-QP2050 features exceptional reliability, sensitivity, stability, and speed in an easy-to-use system. It can be partnered with Shimadzu’s high-end Nexis GC-2030 or compact Brevis GC-2050 to meet customers’ performance and space requirements.


The GCMS-QP2050 with the new DuraEase ion source maximizes uptime and sensitivity while requiring minimum maintenance. Maintenance can now be completed in just a few minutes with a few simple steps. The new cost-effective ion source design allows customers to replace the DuraEase source when needed, maintaining pristine condition. In addition, the built-in pre-rod allows only the ions to efficiently pass through, limiting contamination of the quadrupole.

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With the new ion source and detector, the system can detect trace compounds while maintaining high scan speeds. By significantly improving mass separation performance and ion transmittance, the system achieves the industry's highest level of scan speed (30,000 u/sec). With an inert structure, the next-generation DuraEase ion source enables a uniform temperature distribution, resulting in high sensitivity and exceptional durability. The new interface minimizes the production of cold spots to enable the acquisition of favorable peak shapes and sensitivity, even for reactive or larger molecular weight compounds.


LabSolutions™ GCMS software with Analytical Intelligence and Shimadzu’s latest user support technology allow novice users to acquire data across a wide range of applications as easily as an experienced operator. From preparation to measurement and data analysis, LabSolutions™ GCMS software maximizes workflow efficiency and provides laboratory flexibility with remote system access.


To address helium shortage challenges, the GCMS-QP2050 is alternative carrier gas ready out-of-the-box. All stainless-steel internal plumbing allows for immediate hydrogen connection. The system also includes a carrier gas saver function, and can be equipped with an optional carrier gas selector module and a Hydrogen sensor, ensuring lab safety.


The GCMS-QP2050 system is also equipped with ecology mode, which can reduce power consumption. It is also recognized as Eco-Products Plus, Shimadzu’s proprietary recognition of environmentally friendly products. In addition to limiting analysis running costs, CO2 emissions are limited, thereby contributing to a carbon-free society.