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Telomerase Products

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Telomerase is a ribonucleoprotein that prevents senescence and apoptosis by adding the TTAGGG repeat unit to shortened telomeres.

Cells with high levels of telomerase can rebuild their telomeres, and are termed ‘immortal’ cells. These include foetal tissues, adult germ cells and tumour cells.

This makes understanding telomerase vitally important to research in both aging and cancer.

Abbexa is proud to exclusively offer hTERT antibodies (abx120550) for purifying telomerase, hTERT peptides (abx069990) to precisely quantify telomerase enzymatic activity and HEK-293 TERT cell pellets (abx069991) to source high levels of telomerase protein to support more effective and accurate telomerase studies.

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HEK-293T Telomerase Over-Expressing Cell Pellets
hTERT Antibody
hTERT Antibody and Peptide Kit
hTERT Peptide

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