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The SCIEX 7500+ System Launches at ASMS 2024

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At ASMS 2024, SCIEX, launches the SCIEX 7500+ system, the newest mass spectrometer in the SCIEX quantitative portfolio, building upon a legacy of reliable, sensitive quantitation. While sensitivity is critical to solve the most impactful analytical challenges, scientists are under pressure to meet deadlines faster and to quantify from increasingly various and complex sample types. The SCIEX 7500+ system delivers both sensitivity and resilience when scientists need it most.

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The SCIEX 7500+ system offers increased resilience across a large suite of sample types and workflows, and improved user-serviceability.

  • Mass Guard technology is a new proprietary technology that includes the ability to actively filters out potentially contaminating ions. It reduces the risk and frequency of instrument contamination, helping to maintain the highest sensitivity for up to 2X as long compared to existing SCIEX technology, particularly when running complex matrices.
  • DJet+ assembly is fully removable, allowing front-end serviceability so customers can maximize the uptime of their systems. 
  • At 800 MRM per second, the SCIEX 7500+ system is the fastest SCIEX Triple Quad to date. This increases the scope for large quantitation panels that need to incorporate new compounds of interest, improving the overall productivity of the lab.
  • Supported by new functionality in SCIEX OS that allows users to track instrument performance and automate decision making, reducing the potential for failed batches and repeat measurements.
  • Compatibility with dry roughing pumps can reduce electricity consumption by 24% relative to oil-sealed pumps.


“Over the years, we have worked with experts in the field and innovated various breakthrough quantitative solutions. We have seen demand increase for testing on more and more sample types at high sensitivity. The SCIEX 7500+ system meets these needs by ensuring the highest performance can be maintained for longer and across these increasingly complex matrices,” said Joe Fox, President at SCIEX.