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Xybion Completes Acquisition of Autoscribe Informatics, To Expand Its Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Business

A screenshot of a LIMS system on a computer screen.
Credit: Autoscribe.
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Xybion Corporation, herein referred to as “Xybion” or the “Company,” is pleased to announce the acquisition of Autoscribe Informatics (“Autoscribe”). This acquisition represents a significant strategic expansion in the Company’s Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) business globally.

Autoscribe, headquartered in the United Kingdom, with additional operations in the United States and Australia. Autoscribe LIMS provides multi-industry domain solutions, easy to use and configure software that is currently used by over 140 customers. This acquisition aligns with Xybion’s vision of fast-tracking lab digitization and information management SaaS solutions to simplify lab operations and speed up innovation.

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Dr. Pradip K. Banerjee, CEO of Xybion, articulates, “The acquisition of Autoscribe marks a significant strategic milestone in Xybion’s expansive growth strategy. The inclusion of Autoscribe’s geographic presence, particularly in the United Kingdom, and its specialized talent pool will substantially augment the growth trajectory of Xybion’s LIMS business sector, encompassing an array of fully developed LIMS product modules across diverse global industries.”

John Boother, founder of Autoscribe, stated “I believe that Xybion is the right home for the next phase of Autoscribe’s development. I feel that the Autoscribe employees will be highly valued and respected, and our products and technologies will be a strong foundation for LIMS business into the future as part of Xybion.”

This acquisition ushers in a strategic and transformative opportunity for Xybion, its customers, and partners creating a unique and unparalleled LIMS offering for global enterprises. This will not only help expand Xybion’s existing position in the life sciences & health systems but also broadens its horizon into additional sectors such as food & beverage, manufacturing, petrochemicals, radio pharmacy, biobanking, veterinary sciences, environment & water, Materials & mining, among others.

Austoscribe and Xybion’s combined capabilities will help its customers with cloud enabled, modern LIMS software with embedded quality management, document management, data management, compliance, and safety modules.

With the acquisition of Autoscribe Informatics, Xybion is strategically positioned to offer unprecedented value and innovation in the LIMS sector, reinforcing its commitment to excellence, innovation, and digital transformation of laboratories in these rapidly evolving industries.

“Autoscribe LIMS allows limitless configurations with no custom coding. Autoscribe and Xybion’s combined industry expertise, alongside our product and technological foundation, will be integral to driving lab digitization efforts for our customers to the next level,” stated Kamal Biswas, President and COO of Xybion.