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Representation of neurons.
Product News

Eppendorf & Science Prize for Neurobiology 2023 Call for Entries!

Eppendorf and the journal Science are now accepting applications for the 2023 Eppendorf & Science Prize for Neurobiology.
The Bruker logo and neurescence logo
Product News

Bruker Announces Agreement To Acquire Neurescence Inc., Bolstering Neuroscience Research Portfolio

Bruker Corporation has announced the signing of the definitive agreement to purchase 100% of the shares of Neurescence Inc., an innovative provider of ultralight fiber-bundle MultiscopesTM for simultaneous multi-region, optical functional neuroimaging.
Graphic showing in vivo brain lens imaging of neural activity.
Product News

Bruker Announces Acquisition of Inscopix for Neuroscience Research

Bruker Corporation has announced the acquisition of Inscopix, Inc., a neuroscience pioneer and marketer of miniaturized microscopes, known as miniscopes, for freely moving animal brain imaging.
The Neuralace, an ultra high-channel neural implant.
Product News

Blackrock Neurotech Reveals Neuralace™: 10,000+ Channel Next-Gen BCI

Blackrock Neurotech revealed its next-generation neural interface, Neuralace™, at Society for Neuroscience 2022.
Backpacker standing at the top of a peak.
Product News

Nautilus Biotechnology Launches “First Access Challenge”

Open competition allows researchers to be among the first to access potentially groundbreaking proteomic data through the testing of twelve samples on Nautilus’ single-molecule protein analysis platform.
Ann Kennedy, PhD, Assistant Professor at Northwestern University, Chicago.
Product News

Research on Neural Dynamics Wins 2022 Eppendorf & Science Prize

The American scientist Ann Kennedy, PhD, assistant professor at Northwestern University, Chicago, USA has won the 2022 Eppendorf & Science Prize for Neurobiology for her work on the neural population dynamics that generate and maintain our emotions and behavioral drives.