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Olink® Flex – Inflammation Research on Your Terms

Olink® Flex – Inflammation Research on Your Terms

Olink’s highly flexible made-to-order product, Olink® Flex, enables you to select and combine targets for up to 21 human proteins in one biomarker panel with results reported in absolute quantification (pg/mL) and relative quantification (NPX). Pick and choose from over 200 inflammation-related human proteins with 99% combinability in a broad mix-and-match library.

How does it work?

Choose and combine 15-21 pre-validated assays from an extensive Olink library using our online panel design tool in Olink® Insight. Each assay maintains the quality, performance, specificity, and sensitivity that our other products are known for. Our internal controls remove the need to run replicate samples, and the data is reported in absolute (pg/mL) or relative (NPX) quantification.

Olink Flex gives you a streamlined workflow with robust performance. There is no need for time-consuming washing steps that could cause loss of material. Olink Flex runs on Olink® Signature Q100, a low maintenance, auto-calibrated instrument for data readout that facilitates unattended operation. Use the NPX Signature software for built-in QC and data analysis.

Uniquely scalable

The Olink platforms scale from our highplex product Olink® Explore 3072, to midplex Olink® Target 48 and Olink® Target 96 down to customized lowplex Olink® Focus and Olink Flex.

All Olink platforms use our patented Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology, which provides exceptional specificity and sensitivity due to its dual recognition, DNA-coupled methodology. We offer the same high data quality regardless of plex-size.

Product Specifications
High combinability elect 15-21 protein biomarkers and analyze 40 samples simultaneously.
Convenient workflow Less than 2 hours hands-on time and no washing steps.
Inflammation assay-focused Biologically relevant inflammation-related proteins, selected in collaboration with experts.
Flexible quantification methods Results reported in pg/mL (absolute quantification) or NPX (relative quantification).
Minimal sample volume Use only 1 μL of blood to measure up to 21 proteins simultaneously.
Fast delivery Receive your Olink Flex panel 3-5 weeks after placing the order.
About Olink
Olink offers a high-multiplex technique to identify actionable biomarkers with a strong focus on the human plasma proteome. Their mission is to accelerate proteomics together with the scientific community across multiple disease areas to enable new discoveries and better understand complex real-time human biology.
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