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Sample Collection Tube for Genomic Researchers

Sample Collection Tube for Genomic Researchers

The Cap2TM 0.2ml PCR microcentrifuge tube from Azenta Life Sciences features a novel dual-cap design with both hinged lid and screw cap to preserve the integrity of samples used in genetic testing workflows. Acting as both a collection and processing tube, sample transfer is minimized making for greater efficiency and less wastage.

Key Features Include:

Quality Tubes

•  Free from DNase, RNase, human genomic DNA, and endotoxin/pyrogen leak tested
•  0.2ml (200µl) total well capacity
•  Polypropylene, ultra-thin walled, low DNA binding tubes make for optimum PCR results and mitigation against DNA loss from samples

Sample Identification
• Tab on side of cap includes a 2D datamatrix code and human readable number
• Tab on collar of hinged lid makes for quick and secure sample tracking

Application & Workflow Flexibility
•  Capability to work with automation, tubes are compatible with 48-format SBS footprint rack
•  Hinged lid allows for flexibility for use in manual workflows, alongside mitigating against contamination
•  Screw cap using Azenta Life Sciences Acoustic technology enables workflow scale up capabilities and consumable consolidation
•  PCR tube with patent pending cap-in-cap design, sample identifiers and automation friendly capabilities offer a flexible, scalable solution

Product Specifications
Parameter Cap2 0.2ml Dual-Cap Sample Collection PCR Tube
Well depth 19.45 ± 0.10mm
Total well capacity 0.2ml (200µl)
Pitch (distance between A1 and A2) 9.00mm
About Azenta Life Sciences
Azenta Life Sciences is committed to helping customers reach new heights in their pursuit of scientific progress. Their enterprise-wide sample exploration and management solutions will accelerate discovery, development and delivery, with greater speed and precision. Azenta Life Sciences strive to keep elevating each other, their customers’ work and their industry – building a healthier world for people everywhere.
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