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Lonza is a healthcare manufacturing organization helping pharmaceutical, biotech and nutrition companies to bring their treatments to market. They help their customers to deliver new and innovative medicines that treat a wide range of diseases, allowing their patients to benefit from life-saving and life-enhancing treatments.

Latest Lonza Content

A lab worker pipetting into a plate.
Product News

Lonza’s Rapid PyroCell® Monocyte Activation Test Systems Make Rabbit-Free Pyrogen Testing Faster, Easier, and More Efficient

Lonza launched PyroCell® MAT Rapid System and PyroCell® MAT Human Serum (HS) Rapid System, two sustainable monocyte activation test (MAT) systems containing the new PeliKine Human IL-6 Rapid ELISA Kit.
A scientist pipetting into an Eppendorf tube.
Product News

New Mid-Term Guidance 2024 – 2028 Supported by Ramp-Up of Growth Projects

At its Capital Markets Day in Visp (CH), Lonza shared a detailed update on its strategic priorities and provided new Mid-Term Guidance for 2024 to 2028.
A lab working holding a glass vial that contains clear fluid and the DNA double helix.
Product News

Lonza Announces New Filling Line for Commercial Supply of Antibody-Drug Conjugates for a Dedicated Customer

Lonza, announced the extension of a collaboration with a major biopharmaceutical partner for the commercial-scale filling of ADCs.
Human hand holding a digitized world.

The Transformative Power of Insights in Biopharma Development: Why a Digital Backbone Matters

Digitalization underpins the biopharma industry’s endeavors to keep up with innovation and get life-changing therapeutics into the hands of patients as quickly as possible. This article explores how a digital backbone can help to realize the full potential of data and generate meaningful insights.
Product News

Lonza Further Extends Collaboration With Major Biopharmaceutical Partner for Manufacturing Antibody-Drug Conjugates

Extended long-term collaboration to provide significant additional bioconjugation capacity for commercialization of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) for use against hard-to-treat cancers.
MODA® Platform

The MODA® Platform: Digitalizing Quality & Manufacturing

Learn how Lonza’s MODA® Platform can help you by facilitating paperless execution across manufacturing & QC processes.
Human cells.
Product News

Lonza Launches TheraPRO® CHO Media System to Improve Productivity and Quality in Therapeutic Protein Manufacture

Lonza has launched the TheraPRO® CHO Media System, a new cell culture platform that simplifies processes and optimizes productivity and protein quality when used with GS-CHO cell lines.
The TheraPEAK® T-VIVO® Cell Culture Medium.
Product News

Lonza Launches TheraPEAK® T-VIVO® Cell Culture Medium To Accelerate Cell Therapy Development

Lonza has launched the TheraPEAK® T-VIVO® Cell Culture Medium, a novel chemically defined medium developed to optimize CAR T-cell manufacture.
Cogs with business strategy icons representing success and innovation.
Industry Insight

Change Management’s Impact on Innovation in the Pharma QC Laboratory

Change management is becoming an increasingly important part of company culture. This article explores how effective change management can reap significant benefits.
Man pointing a finger at a futuristic touch user interface.

The Role of Smart Technology in Mitigating the Risk of Human Error and Improving Productivity in Pharmaceutical Quality Control

In this article, discover the role HPLC plays in ensuring regulatory compliance and reliability of throughput, and how labs can automate to eliminate errors and build reliability into their processes.