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What Happened This Week in Science?

Let's look back at the science stories that came out this week!
A diagram depicting the connectivity, where neurons are represented as points, and neurons with more similar connectivity are plotted closer together.

Scientists Complete the First Map of an Insect Brain

Researchers have completed the most advanced brain map to date, that of an insect, a landmark achievement in neuroscience that brings scientists closer to true understanding of the mechanism of thought.
Two female scientists look at a test tube.

Celebrating Female Scientists on International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Technology Networks is delighted to showcase the work of Dr. Angela Calderón, associate professor in drug discovery and development at Auburn University in the United States.
Glasses held up to a blurred background. Through the lens a focused image of trees can be seen.

Why Do So Many People Need Glasses Now?

This video explores why children around the world have been diagnosed with nearsightedness at increasingly high rates.
Gloved hands holding a human muscle.

How To Save Your Muscles From Aging

In this video, Jonathan from the Institute of Human Anatomy discusses the decline in muscle mass as we age, some of the main reasons for this decline and the best type of exercise and resistance training to help minimize this age-related reduction in muscle mass.
A man holds a human brain.

Inside the Brain of a Psychopath

In this video, Justin from the Institute of Human Anatomy discusses the physical differences in the nervous systems of those that suffer from Antisocial Personality Disorder.
Group of people in lab coats brushing up on their scientific knowledge.

Do the Public Need To Be More Scientifically Literate? With Dr. Hilary Jones

Why is it important to have doctors working within the media? Do the public need to be more scientifically literate? What advances have we seen in diagnostics? And how can this help GPs in the UK?
Two golden retriever puppies sat on grass surrounded by orange leaves.

Why Do You Want To Squeeze Cute Things?

Explore the psychology of the phenomenon known as cute aggression, which is the urge to squeeze, bite or pinch something cute.
Backlit by a sunset, five people posed to represent human evolution.

Anthropology’s Greatest Hoax

Scientists are sometimes deemed objective observers of the world in which we live, but that’s not entirely true. They’re still human and can find themselves falling victim to fraudsters just like the lot of us.
Eight blister packs on a white surface, each containing four Viagra tablets.

Erections Gone Wrong: What Viagra Does to the Penis

In this video, Jonathan from the Institute of Human Anatomy discusses how Viagra works to assist with erectile dysfunction.