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Latest Videos

Backlit by a sunset, five people posed to represent human evolution.

Anthropology’s Greatest Hoax

Scientists are sometimes deemed objective observers of the world in which we live, but that’s not entirely true. They’re still human and can find themselves falling victim to fraudsters just like the lot of us.
Eight blister packs on a white surface, each containing four Viagra tablets.

Erections Gone Wrong: What Viagra Does to the Penis

In this video, Jonathan from the Institute of Human Anatomy discusses how Viagra works to assist with erectile dysfunction.
A close up of a brown eye.

How the Brain Responds to Blindness

In this video, Justin from the Institute of Human Anatomy discusses the brain's ability to remodel itself in the visually impaired.
Illustration of the human body outline, skeleton, proteins and DNA interconnecting to make our systems work.

"A Leader in Science", Professor Jane Clarke FRS in Conversation With Roger Mosey

Professor Jane Clarke FRS, a world-leading and award-winning biophysical protein chemist and now President of Wolfson College Cambridge, talks to Roger Mosey about leading in science and defying expectations.
A woman ties a bow with string on a Christmas gift.

The Perfect Christmas Gift (According to Science)

'Twas the night before Christmas, and you still haven't gone shopping... so here are some scientific gift-giving tips.
A digital drawing of three people singing next to a Christmas tree.

Biology-Themed 12 Days of Christmas

The Amoeba Sisters sing the 12 Days of Christmas with a biology theme.
A pink background overlaid with different plants and the words "5 things you should know about back pain"

Five Things You Should Know About Back Pain

Back pain is as common as it is complicated, and easy fixes are hard to find. Shedding light on this universal ailment, Dr. Jen Gunter shares five things we should all know about back pain, including possible causes, over-hyped treatments to avoid as well as research-backed therapies to talk to your doctor about in order to find some relief.
A diagram showing the position of the EES device on the human spinal cord.

This Neuron Helps People Walk Again

There’s been some big news in neuron science this week as individuals suffering paralysis regain mobility and music might have a secret that gets us to dance.
A piece of paper lying on a pink/brown background. The paper reads "TO DO LIST" and "mainly procrastinate"

Why You Procrastinate Even When it Feels Bad

Explore what happens in the brain to trigger procrastination, and what strategies you can use to break the cycle of this harmful practice.
An illustration of eleven birthday cakes, some with numbers on.

What’s the Smartest Age?

At what age are you smartest? Dig into how your brain development affects your skills at different stages of your life.