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Are Contact-tracing Apps the Route Out of COVID-19 Lockdown?

Can contact tracing apps guide us out of COVID-19 lockdown? Governments around the world are banking on it and have fast-tracked the release of software that uses location data to track the spread of the virus through their populations. But many questions still remain around the technology’s effectiveness.

A report by the Ada Lovelace Institute, who investigate the intersection of data and AI with society, has raised doubts about whether planned technological solutions are the answer. We talked to the Institute’s head of policy Imogen Parker (@ImogenParker), who co-authored the report, to find out more.

Read the Ada Lovelace Institute’s report here: https://www.adalovelaceinstitute.org/exit-through-the-app-store-how-the-uk-government-should-use-technology-to-transition-from-the-covid-19-global-public-health-crisis/