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Using the SomaSignal® Tests for Pre-Analytical Variation Assessments With Joe Gogain

Plasma and serum, both rich reservoirs of proteins relevant to understanding and treating disease, contain a wide range of analytes at different concentrations. Proteins are vulnerable to variation in collection methods, storage temperatures, and processing protocols.

In this Teach Me in 10 episode, Joe Gogain, director of clinical research and development at SomaLogic,  will be discussing pre-analytical variation in proteomics.

SomaLogic has developed a unique class of SomaSignal™ Tests that assess pre-analytical variation related to processing methods. The results identify options for consideration during analyses, such as whether specific samples or groups of samples should be excluded from analysis or if simply removing a set of measurements will suffice.

Joe will discuss examples of pre-analytical variation and strategies for mitigating the impact of differential pre-analytical variation as part of the data analysis process.

Joe recommends taking a look at the following resources:

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