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Ask Me Anything: Lab Sustainability

Are you curious about the future of sustainability in research and laboratory practices? Do you want to play an active role in creating a greener and more environmentally-conscious scientific community?

We are delighted to present our esteemed live virtual speaker, Martin Farley, Sustainable Research Adviser at UCL and Director of Green Lab Associates.

During this  session, you will :

  • Engage in a Live Q&A: Pose your questions directly to Martin Farley and receive real-time answers. This is your opportunity to engage with the trailblazer himself.
  • Gain Expert Perspectives: Witness the exchange of ideas as Martin Farley shares his thoughts on questions posed by fellow participants.

Whether you are a researcher, scientist, student, or enthusiast, this session welcomes everyone with an interest in promoting sustainable practices in laboratories.

Limited spaces are available for this exclusive event, so we encourage you to secure your spot now! 

Keynote Speaker
Martin Farley
Martin Farley
Sustainable Research Adviser (UCL), Director (Green Lab Associates)
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