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Cell micro webinar 10th October 2023 TN

Development of iPSCs: From Reprogramming to Functional Assessment

Reprogrammed patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) are a valuable resource in the development of models for studying unique diseases or drug responses.

Our first speaker in this webinar, Dr. Jessica Hartman, will discuss the challenges of iPSC reprogramming, including low efficiency, pluripotency instability and high labor intensity. She’ll showcase how to overcome these hurdles in order to robustly deploy iPSCs.

Once reprogrammed, one of the important applications of iPSCs is to study the function and regulation of ion channels, which are a major target for therapeutic drugs. Our second speaker, Dr. Ali Yehia, will explore how with iPSC-derived neurons and cardiomyocytes, researchers can investigate how ion channels are expressed, modulated and mutated in different cell types and disease models.

Attend this webinar to:
  • Discover different reprogramming methods
  • Learn how to improve results when reprogramming into iPSCs
  • Investigate how ion channels are expressed, modulated and mutated in different cell types
  • Explore iPSCs as a viable alternative to animal models to study ion channel disorders

A picture of Dr. Jessica Hartman
Dr. Jessica Hartman
Senior Director of Product Applications
Cell Microsystems
A picture of Dr. Ali Yehia
Dr. Ali Yehia
Senior Director, IonFlux Products, Cell Microsystems
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