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Revealing the Developing Brain With Single-Cell Multiomic Profiling of Human Cerebral Organoids

The powerful combination of stem-cell derived organoids and single-cell multiomics is revolutionizing developmental cell biology.

In this webinar, Dr. Barbara Treutlein, professor for quantitative developmental biology at ETH Zurich, will discuss how she and her team explored the gene regulatory networks underlying human brain development by using stem-cell derived cerebral organoids and a single-cell multiomics approach.

Attend this webinar to learn about:

  • How organoids can be used as a model system for exploring brain development
  • Analyzing single cell transcriptome and epigenome data to build a global gene regulatory network
  • Assessing the role of transcription factors in cell fate determination using single cell CRISPR perturbations
Barbara Treutlein, PhD
Barbara Treutlein, PhD
Professor for Quantitative Developmental Biology, ETH Zurich