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Cell Microsystems and Colossal Webinar

Reviving the Past, Safeguarding the Future: Challenges and Innovations in Cell Culture for De-Extinction

How do you bring back extinct animal species? It might seem futuristic, but Colossal Biosciences is bringing back extinct animal species through genetic engineering.

In this webinar, our expert speakers will discuss the cell culture aspects of the de-extinction project, from making a large number of precision genome edits in single cells, growing and expanding these cells and testing the edited cells in mouse models.

You’ll gain insights into some of the challenges of working with poorly characterized, non-model organism cell lines, and learn how automation can improve cell sorting and picking as well as increase gene editing efficiency.

Attend this webinar to:
  • Discover the genetic and cellular workflows behind the de-extinction process
  • Learn how to accelerate line derivations and increase gene editing efficiency
  • Explore automated alternatives to cell sorting and picking 
A picture of Anthony Mastracci IV
Anthony Mastracci IV
Research Associate
Colossal Biosciences
A picture of Dr. Sven Bocklandt
Dr. Sven Bocklandt
Species Director
Colossal Biosciences
A picture of Dr. Jessica Hartman
Dr. Jessica Hartman
Senior Director of Product Applications
Cell Microsystems
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