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Using Mass Photometry To Power Up the Development of AAV-Based Therapeutic  featuring Dr. Matt Ranaghan

Using Mass Photometry To Power Up the Development of AAV-Based Therapeutics

A major challenge when producing an adeno-associated virus (AAV) drug product is the removal of “empty” AAVs that lack a DNA payload and are chemically identical to their “full” counterparts carrying the therapeutic DNA. 

Although a range of analytical techniques can provide this information, many have drawbacks such as requiring long analysis times, large and complex equipment or highly trained staff. 

In this webinar, hear how mass photometry, an easy-to-use bioanalytical technology, can characterize AAV samples in minutes and using little sample. Our expert speaker will also discuss how mass photometry can be readily integrated throughout development and manufacturing.

Attend this webinar to discover: 

  • How mass photometery can circumvent challenges in AAV development and manufacturing 
  • How mass photometry can accurately measure empty/full AAV capsid ratios with high accuracy and minimal sample volume
  • How to use software solutions to address the requirements for implementing mass photometry in GMP-regulated environments
Dr. Matt Ranaghan
Dr. Matt Ranaghan
Senior Applications Scientist
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