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Next-Generation Reagents for Increased Sample Multiplexing

Next-Generation Reagents for Increased Sample Multiplexing content piece image

Quantitative proteomics workflows using tandem mass tags (TMTs) enable precise measurement of protein abundance from multiple samples from a single high-resolution liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry experiment. TMT technology has found utility for a broad range of advanced proteomic applications, including posttranslational modification profiling, thermal shift assays to evaluate drug binding, global protein half-life determination, subcellular localization studies, and single-cell analysis.

Additionally, learn more about EasyPep sample preparation technology that enables rapid and efficient processing of different samples, scales and throughput for mass spectrometry-based proteomics. 

Download this app note to discover TMTpro reagents and EasyPep that:

  • Allow for high throughput mutliplexed proteome analyis
  • Increase multiplex capability results with fewer missing quantitative values
  • Significantly reduce hands-on time for sample processing (under 4 hours)