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Proteomic Interrogation of Primary Insulin-Secreting Pancreatic β-cells

Proteomic Interrogation of Primary Insulin-Secreting Pancreatic β-cells content piece image

Disruptions in β-cell function and glucose homeostasis are well-established physiologic hallmarks of human diabetes. Whilst insulin supplements can be used to maintain blood glucose, insulin-resistance is increasing among diabetes patients. In order to develop more durable and less invasive disease-modifying therapies an improved molecular-level understanding of β-cell function is necessary.

Dr Jarrod Marto’s lab from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute recently published a paper in Nature Metabolism on a multi-omic approach used to characterize primary insulin-secreting pancreatic β-cells using the timsTOF Pro - details of which are described in this app note.

Download this app note to discover how to:

  • Identify low-level enzymes in primary insulin-secreting β-cells
  • Perform deep proteome analysis in purified human β-cells
  • Gain insight into key enzymes
  • Discover new targetable pathways for diabetes therapy