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Single Particle ICP-MS for Microplastic Detection

Single Particle ICP-MS for Microplastic Detection content piece image

Unlocking Carbon-13 With Single Particle ICP-MS: Feasibility Study for Microplastic Detection

Carbon is difficult to measure with ICP-MS due to its high ionization potential and its presence in both the argon used to generate the plasma and in reagents. Because of this, high backgrounds exist at both naturally occurring isotopes of carbon.

By using single particle (SP) ICP-MS, the carbon background is reduced significantly, meaning that SP-ICP-MS could be used as a screening tool for the detection of microplastics.

Download this app note to learn more about the:

  • Reduction of carbon background
  • Detection of polystyrene microparticles in consumer products
  • Use of SP-ICP-MS as a screening technique for microplastics