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Ball and stick model of a protein.

TIMS: A New Dimension in Protein Analysis

This article explores application areas that are showing the most potential for this technology and illustrates how ML approaches are being applied to maximize its value.
A person asleep with their on the desk with the other around are awake and chatting.

Your Lack of Sleep Is Hurting You

Chronic sleep disruption (CSD) has been shown to promote pain. Now, a team of scientists have shed light on some of the brain regions and signaling molecules that may be responsible, offering potential avenues for therapeutic investigation.
Cancer cells with a blood suppy

Exploring Spatial Biology With Dr. Nigel Jamieson

Technology Networks invited Dr. Nigel Jamieson, clinical senior lecturer and honorary hepato-pancreato-biliary surgeon at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, to an Ask Me Anything session to answer your questions about spatial biology.
Blood samples on a centrifuge.

Using Novel Biomarkers To Identify the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

This article explores the importance of early risk prediction in preventing cardiovascular disease (CVD), the role of biomarkers in this prediction and nutritional habits to reduce the risk of CVD.
A title reading "An Introduction to Bayesian Statistics"

An Introduction to Bayesian Statistics

Bayesian statistics has emerged as a powerful methodology for making decisions from data in the applied sciences. Bayesian brings a new way of thinking to statistics, in how it deals with probability, uncertainty and drawing inferences from an analysis.
A surgeon operating on a patient using a head mounted optical tool for precision work.

Implanting Microdevices Into Brain Tumors To Determine the Best Treatment

Scientists have demonstrated the potential for using intratumoral microdevices (IMDs) to test various cancer drugs on the tumor before implementing systemic treatment. The approach could offer a hope in tackling hard-to-treat gliomas.
A scientist holds a blood sample.

Biomarker Bonanza: Computational Methods and Metabolomics Advances

Biomarkers can potentially aid patient management across the stages of their disease course. This article will review advances in computationally-driven biomarker discovery, including from metabolomics datasets, for complex, multifactorial diseases.
A picture detailing the contents of a cell.

Single-Cell Proteomics: Mass Spec vs Single-Molecule Sequencing

There has been excitement surrounding single-molecule sequencing and its possible application in single-cell proteomics. We speak with Dr. Ryan Kelly to understand how its capabilities currently compare to mass spectrometry.
An immunofluorescence image of the first part of the small intestine overlaid with the article title.

The Spatial Perspective With Professor Emma Lundberg

Join us as we sit down with Professor Emma Lundberg, a luminary in the field of spatial biology, to discuss her incredible career journey, the challenges that she has overcome and the groundbreaking discoveries that continue to shape the future of science and medicine.
A trace of Sanger sequencing data generated using capillary electrophoresis with a pen paying on the top.

An Introduction to Capillary Electrophoresis: Theory, Practice and Applications

Capillary electrophoresis is a powerful separation and analysis technique that offers quick and efficient results. In this article, we explore how it works, variations on the technique and their applications.