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Latest Articles

A visual of the human brain and its cell types.

The Quest To Discover the Cell Types of the Brain

In this article, Mike Hawrylycz, an investigator at the Allen Institute for Brain Science, discusses a large, collaborative quest to discover the different cell types of the brain.
An anglerfish

The Ultimate Guide to Avoiding Predatory Conferences

Predatory conferences are the ramshackle distant cousin of your regular scientific event, a Fyre Festival of science (without the involvement of Ja Rule). It is getting harder to separate fake conferences from real ones. Given this deluge of dodgy science, we have created a guide to spotting and avoiding predatory conferences.
A 3D map and a 3D model of a protein structure generated using cryo EM.

Cryo Electron Microscopy: Principle, Strengths, Limitations and Applications

Cryo electron microscopy (cryo EM) has revolutionized our understanding of the intricate molecular machinery that governs life. In this article, we discuss what cryo EM is, how it works, it's strengths, limitations and applications.
Illustration showing the regular latticework of micropillars in the microfluidic device used in the study.

Advancing Antigen Discovery With Microfluidics Automation for Sparse Samples

An automated and cost-effective workflow in immunopeptidomics, utilizing microfluidics technology, has been created that overcomes limitations in sample preparation and could be a powerful tool for tumor antigen discovery in sparse samples.
A woman in lab coat and gloves using a mass spectrometer with an overlaid illustration.

How Fast Will a Diabetes Patient Develop Insulin Dependency?

Scientists have identified a number of biomarkers associated with progression of Type 2 diabetes to predict insulin resistance development, which could help to manage the disease and improve patient outcomes.
A population of people.

The Critical Role of Proteomics in Precision Medicine

This article explores complexities in proteomics and highlights some promising technological advances in this area.
A young couple and an old couple stand on either side of a large hourglass.

The Power and Potential of Epigenetic Aging Clocks

In this article, we take a deep dive into the world of epigenetic aging clocks, finding out what they are, what they can tell us and how they might be applied in future.
Nanobodies attached to a cell.

Advances in Protein Engineering

In this article, we look at two of the hottest areas in protein engineering for therapeutic applications and how machine learning and artificial intelligence is set to transform the field.
A gloved hand holding up a small transparent vile containing pink liquid with a laboratory shelf in the background.

Septic Shock and Metastases: Finding the Culprits

A new molecule, based on the anti-diabetes drug metformin, can bind copper, found to be important in acute inflammation, sepsis and cancer dissemination, and thus holds great promise for new therapy.
Open laptop with a metabolomics workflow and output displayed on the screen, next to which one of the investigators is seated.

Multidimensional Mass Spectrometry and Machine Learning: A Recipe for Richer Metabolomics

A new metabolomics workflow has been developed that combines state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation, which generates information-rich data, with a novel machine learning-based algorithm tailored to process it.