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Influenza viral particles.

Progress in Glycobiology: Building on Foundations and Continuing Momentum

This article walks through some of the foundational developments in the field of glycobiology that have powered the progress made in 2022 and what these advancements signal for the future.
Gloved hand holding a slightly open blood agar Petri dish of bacteria up to a computer screen displaying a protein structure.

Understanding Structural Biology, Its Applications and Creating a Molecular Model

In this article, we consider what structural biology tells us and the techniques used to investigate it, the role of computation and how techniques can be used together to answer questions in a range of application areas.
An illustrator's depiction of science's future.

The Future of Science: Humanity Takes a Front Seat

With the world of science rapidly evolving, and a new year beginning, we look at the trends breaking through right now, asking experts: where is the world of science headed?
A woman and her grandchild.

Can Our Lifestyle Choices Biologically Impact Our Grandkids?

For years, it was understood that only traits or characteristics encoded in our DNA sequence could be transmitted to our offspring. Now, a growing field of research suggests that the mechanisms by which our genes are regulated can also be passed down, perhaps even to our grandkids.
Molecular Science and Art With Professor David Goodsell content piece image

Molecular Science and Art With Professor David Goodsell

Technology Networks interviews renowned structural biologist-turned molecular artist, Professor David Goodsell.
Egg on Our Face: Another Asilomar Moment? content piece image

Egg on Our Face: Another Asilomar Moment?

Michael Kinch confronts a recent controversy in the field of immunology, where researchers failed to seek permission or guidance from the NIAID before engineering mutant forms of SARS-CoV-2.
A graphical recreation of a human hologram from the shoulders upwards.

Multiomics – A Multi-Layered Answer to Multi-Layered Questions

Featuring expert insights, this article will reflect on recent progress in the multiomics research space, exploring workflow developments, technologies and applications.
Top Science News Stories of 2022 content piece image

Top Science News Stories of 2022

As the year ends, it’s time to reflect on the stories that you enjoyed the most. Here’s our roundup of this year’s most popular headlines, including new findings on how we humans age, the impact of diet on the microbiome and a revelation on the cause of multiple sclerosis (MS).
A pipette dispenses cell culture media into a microwell plate.

Advances in Cell Line Development To Enhance Biotherapeutic Production

This article will discuss the development of cell lines for biotherapeutic production and will touch on key considerations, such as future manufacturability.
An image of a blood draw.

Detecting Cancer From a Droplet of Blood

A new version of the Human Protein Atlas has been released, featuring the Human Disease Blood Atlas, a pan-cancer strategy that depicts proteome signatures for specific types of cancer. The atlas was created using next-generation proteome profiling methods, and offers enthusiasm for the future of the clinical proteomics field.