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The Ion Channel That Leaves You With a Sour Taste in Your Mouth

Article   Jan 26, 2018 | by Adam Tozer

Proton Channel Underlying Sour Taste Identified

Taste cells at the back of the tongue, studied by USC Dornsife researchers. The red-colored cells detect sour taste and the green-colored cells detect bitter, sweet or umami. The cell nuclei are colored blue. Credit: Yu-Hsiang Tu and Emily Liman

Adam Tozer PhD

Science Writer



Synthetic Biology Rewrites the Rules of the Genome


Synthetic biology (SB) is an umbrella term that covers a wide range of scientific applications. In this article we'll explore work aiming to synthesize genes faster than ever before, expand the genetic alphabet and turn DNA into a storage medium. To this end, we interviewed two leading figures in the field, Emily Leproust PhD, CEO of Twist Bioscience and Floyd Romesberg PhD, a Professor of Chemistry at the Scripps Institute.


Case Study: Dr. Kaelberer Validates a Neuroepithelial Circuit using Milo


How does the gut talk to the brain? In this new case study from ProteinSimple, we find out how Melanie Maya Kaelberer, a Postdoctoral Associate at Duke University, is using Single-Cell Western platform Milo to answer the question of how the gut can rapidly communicate with cranial nerves.


Microglia Transmit Pain to the Brain During Stress


Chronic pain is a multifaceted disorder that causes profound disability worldwide. It has long been known that psychological stress contributes to adverse chronic pain outcomes in patients, but it is unclear how this is initiated or amplified by stress. Now, researchers have published results showing that activation of microglia in the mouse spinal cord is responsible for increased pain sensitivity in response to stress.



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