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Un-picking Pick’s Disease

Article   Aug 29, 2018 | by Adam Tozer, Ph.D

Scientist Explains How They Un-picked Pick’s Disease

Adam Tozer PhD

Science Writer



BNA Interview Series: Understanding Consciousness With Anil Seth


At the British Neuroscience Association (BNA)’s Festival of Neuroscience in April 2019, we were lucky enough to sit down with some influential neuroscientists to discuss their work. We’ve assembled these transcripts into our BNA Interview Series. Here we interview the University of Sussex's Anil Seth, whose research explores the mysteries of consciousness.


In the “Nick” of Time: Researchers Identify a Surprising Behaviour of CRISPR Nucleases


In a recent academic collaboration, scientists discovered another surprising behavior of the Cas9 and Cpf1 enzymes – a behavior which may have implications when developing novel therapies with CRISPR. We spoke with Brett Robb, the Scientific Director for RNA and Genome Editing at New England Biolabs Inc, and Becky Fu (previously a graduate student at Stanford University and now a Postdoctoral fellow at UCSF) to learn more about their research.


A Cell Atlas of the Mouse Brain: A Step Towards Brain Simulation?


The Swiss EPFL’s Blue Brain Project is a vast effort with the goal of digitally reconstructing and simulating the mouse brain and ultimately, the human brain. The recent publication of a Cell Atlas of the mouse brain sounds exciting, but what can the Atlas tell us, and can it bring us closer to a simulated brain?



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