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Landmark Study Solves Structure of Dementia Protein

Article   Jul 05, 2017 | Adam Tozer PhD, Technology Networks

Structure of Tau Filaments from Alzheimer’s Brain Solved by Cryo-EM

Tau filament structures, rendered in blue and white. In the background, a photomicrograph of a Bodian silver-stain preparation shows a neuron from the cerebral cortex of an individual affected by Alzheimer disease. The cytoplasm around the nucleus contains a flame-shaped neurofibrillary tangle. The Tau filaments appear to wrap around the neuron.

Adam Tozer PhD

Science Writer



Exploring the Genetic Contribution to Incongruence Between an Individual's Internal Gender and External Sex


Technology Networks spoke with John Graham Theisen, MD, senior author of a recent study that explored the contribution of genetics to our gender identity.


Disease Detectives: Working on the Frontline


Throughout human history, we have always been at war with infectious agents. In the past, there used to be less sophisticated tools to identify epidemics. Nowadays, more advanced technologies, such as genomic sequencing, are being harnessed to gain information about infectious agents.


NASA Shows Us How Climate Change Will Drastically Change the Ocean


NASA has released a new video that shows what the planet's surface would look like without water. While the oceans aren't in danger of drying out in the near future, it highlights more immediate threats, like the real-life water crises that are happening right now.



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