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Landmark Study Solves Structure of Dementia Protein

Article   Jul 05, 2017 | Adam Tozer PhD, Technology Networks

Structure of Tau Filaments from Alzheimer’s Brain Solved by Cryo-EM

Tau filament structures, rendered in blue and white. In the background, a photomicrograph of a Bodian silver-stain preparation shows a neuron from the cerebral cortex of an individual affected by Alzheimer disease. The cytoplasm around the nucleus contains a flame-shaped neurofibrillary tangle. The Tau filaments appear to wrap around the neuron.

Adam Tozer PhD

Science Writer



Standardization Challenges in Pharmaceutical Product Labeling


Product labels can be viewed as a “clinical instruction manual”, providing a concise description of the benefits and risks for a consumer and relevant information to dispensers, patients, and their caregivers. Here we take a look at labeling compliance, the importance of keeping information up-to-date, and risks associated with noncompliance.


How Does Cold Plasma Enhance Seed Germination and Plant Growth?


To respond to the growing need for food worldwide, farmers will need new technologies to produce more food from less land. One method recently tested by researchers for its potential to improve germination is cold plasma technology.


Francis Mojica: The Modest Microbiologist Who Discovered and Named CRISPR


Kicking off Technology Networks Explores the CRISPR Revolution, Professor Mojica, or "Francis", takes us on a journey back to the original research that, despite being deemed "crazy" by members of the scientific community at the time, led to the CRISPR revolution that is anticipated to edit evolution forever.



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