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Automated Liquid Dispensing Supports Versatility in Biotech

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A major challenge that laboratory scientists encounter today is maintaining accurate and repeatable results in workflows while working in a high-throughput manner. Manual liquid handling is intensive, laborious and can be prone to errors. Using automated liquid handling methods can help laboratories achieve higher levels of accuracy and efficiency and allows resources to be redirected toward analysis and research tasks.

At The Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) 2023 international meeting, Technology Networks interviewed Jay Romett, global product manager in automated liquid handling at Thermo Fisher Scientific. Romett works with a team of scientists, marketing specialists and commercial leaders to understand how Thermo Fisher Scientific’s instruments, equipment and consumables can support its customer's workflows.

Priorities in the automation space

When asked what the company’s biggest priorities are right now in the automation space, Romett said that Thermo Fisher Scientific is working to provide innovative products and solutions to advance its customers’ research and discovery.

At SLAS 2023, Thermo Fisher Scientific showcased its novel liquid handling and solution products. “In late January, we launched the newest Multidrop dispenser – Multidrop Combi+ and Multidrop Combi SMART+ reagent dispensers,” Romett explained. “These dispensers have a new icon-based interface for easier programming, a new dispensing mode for filling cell culture plates and improved column selection for better partial plate dispense.” The icon-based display makes the system easy to use and program without training.

Applications for automated liquid dispensing

“The Multidrop Combi+ and Multidrop Combi SMART+ is commonly used in dispensing reagent in nucleic acid extraction set up, PCR set up, dispensing cells and media,” added Romett. The dispensers provide versatility and simplicity, dispensing liquid accurately and in seconds to support biotech, pharmaceutical and QC laboratory scientists in their needs for precision, while working at a high throughput.  

Technology Networks also asked Romett how Thermo Fisher Scientific is considering the issue of sustainability while working to increase automation opportunities: “Multidrop Combi+ doesn’t use consumable tips and we are working internally to reduce waste and energy in our manufacturing facilities,” he said.

Jay Romett, global product manager in automated liquid handling at Thermo Fisher Scientific was speaking to Molly Campbell, Senior Science Writer for Technology Networks at SLAS 2023.