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Exploring the Mass Spectrometry Toolbox for Integrated Structural Biology

Exploring the Mass Spectrometry Toolbox for Integrated Structural Biology content piece image

Technology developments in mass spectrometry (MS) have given rise to several applications of structural biology, both at the single protein and protein complex level. With the advent of new reagents, methods and software, it is now possible to combine MS in unprecedented ways with traditional approaches such as protein crosslinking, affinity purification, limited proteolysis, and hydrogen-deuterium exchange.

This eBook attempts to educate and inform researchers and structural biologists alike about the precise level of molecular detail provided by mass spectrometry for comprehensive structural analysis. 

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how crosslinking-MS offers an alternative approach that is both specific and sensitive for characterizing protein-protein interactions
  • Learn why instrument performance is important in top-down MS
  • Discover how HDX-MS has emerged as a strong tool for studying protein dynamics without the limitation on protein size
  • Hear more about the elegant approach of Limited Proteolysis-MS, that uses native cells and therefore captures real cell events